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Selection Guide For Rubber Paver Machine

The selection of the rubber paver machine must be closely combined with the specific conditions and needs of the road construction, and fully meet the requirements of road quality and reasonable cost.

1. The concept of low speed and high density paving

At present, most of the rubber paver machine products used in our construction are rubber paver machines with low speed and high density. It has the advantages of improving paving smoothness, reducing material waste and reducing compaction times. The actual construction has proved that the use of the low speed and high density rubber paver machine is more reasonable than that of the fast rubber paver machine, which can effectively guarantee the quality and properly reduce the cost.

2. Selection of track type and tire type

The crawler rubber paver machine has a large grounding area, good adhesion and traction performance during the paving operation, and is not easy to slip. At the same time, it can play a better role in paving and filtering waves, and improve the smoothness and stability of paving. Large-scale continuous road paving operations rarely transfer the construction site, so crawler pavers are more suitable for road construction, while for urban road construction, if there are too many transfers, tyre pavers are more suitable.

3. Stabilized soil Rubber Paver Machine is used for base course paving

The self-developed domestic stabilized soil, Rubber Paver Machine, with a reasonable cost performance ratio, is used to pave the stabilized material of the road base instead of the paver. Because the paving smoothness is good and the road edge is neat, it can reduce 10% - 15% of the material waste, reduce the number of compaction times, improve the production efficiency, etc., especially to ensure the good construction quality of the road base.

4. Determination of production capacity and quantity of Rubber Paver Machine

In order to ensure that the asphalt mixture transported to the paving site can be paved in time, when selecting the Rubber Paver Machine, the actual paving capacity should be slightly greater than the actual mixing capacity of the mixing equipment, or the actual production capacity of the mixing equipment should be determined on the premise of selection.

The operation speed of the rubber paver machine has a great impact on the operation efficiency and paving quality of the paver. Correct selection of the paving operation speed is an important means to speed up the construction progress and improve the paving quality. The selection principle is to ensure the continuity of the rubber paver machine operation.

Selection Guide For Rubber Paver Machine