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How To Select The Right Cement Mixer

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The cement mixer is composed of a motor, a rotating tank, a tipping wheel or handle (on the side) that can tilt the tank, and a rigid frame. The tank is equipped with fixed spiral blades for mixing materials to obtain a uniform mixture. The motor can be electric, combustion, or less frequent, hydraulic.

How To Select The Right Cement Mixer

In order to select the appropriate cement mixer for your work, you must first determine the required concrete volume. It is important to know that the maximum filling rate of the tank is 80%. When the manufacturer talks about the mixing volume, it is 80% of the tank volume: do not confuse the two volumes.

How To Select The Right Cement Mixer

In the selection criteria, you must also consider the use frequency of the cement mixer.

Occasionally (small construction site).

If you need a cement mixer for a construction site, a 60-liter water tank is enough. For this reason, it is better to use electric cement mixer.

Frequently used (medium construction site).

Here, 120 liters of cement mixer is usually enough. Depending on the size of the job, you can increase the capacity to 160 or 190 liters. If you work in a place with power supply, you'd better choose electric cement mixer.

Regular or intensive use (large construction sites, professional construction sites).

If you need uninterrupted concrete every day, you must choose a larger water tank, at least 250 liters (according to your needs). For this purpose, please use the model with internal combustion engine to avoid problems related to power supply.

How To Select The Right Cement Mixer