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Easy Guide for Your New Wall Plastering Machine

502 Date: 2023-02-24 Tag: Wall Plastering Machine Wall Plastering Machines
Q: If I want to rendering 3m, 4m, 5m wall, does one set machine be OK ?
A: Yes,the manufacturer or trader will send you 20cm,40cm,60cm,80cm ,2m uprights of different length to you after you bought, So you can choose upright according to the height of the wall.
Q: If the wall height is more than 5 meters, what should do?
A: Generally speaking, Twall plastering machine’s standard is for less than 5meters, if more than 5meters, please tell your seller or manufacturer in advance, we need special manufacture model for you.
Q: Does wall plastering machine can be adjustment for render width ?
A: There’re different models with width of 80cm,100cm,120cm, but for one machine,the render width can not be adjusted.
Q: Is there some gaps between one time rendering from another time rendering?
A: Max. gaps is only 1-2mm, workers can plaster it smoothly by manual
Q: While the wall plastering machine working from up to down,can it be able to press the wall again?
A: Yes, vibrating motor work to fix and press the mortar on the wall again
Q: Does the wall plastering machine can render roof ?
A: Sorry, auto render machine is only for render internal wall,can not for external wall or roof. If you want to spray on roof, mortar spraying machines are recommended.
Q: What is the render height for one time adding mortar?
A: If you want to render thickness of 2cm. one time adding mortar can render 3.5meters height, When add mortar one more can reach 5meters height.