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How To Prevent Cement Mixer From Sticking With Concrete

To prevent concrete mixer from sticking, you can take the following methods:

1. Keep the interior of the cement mixer clean. After each use, the inside of the cement mixer must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent residual concrete from solidifying inside the mixer and causing adhesion.

2. Master the slump of concrete inside the cement spreading machine. If the slump is too large, segregation will occur, resulting in sticky material. The concrete mix ratio can be adjusted or a water-reducing admixture can be added to control slump.

Control the water-cement ratio of concrete. Too high a water-cement ratio in the concrete mixer will also cause sticking. The water-cement ratio needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation.

3. Feed evenly. Materials must be fed evenly, and materials must not be concentrated in one corner. This prevents concrete from building up and causing sticking.

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