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How Much Do You Know About Scraper Winch

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1、 What winch is scraper winch?

Scraper winch is a kind of mine grain truck, also known as electric rake, which is mainly used for underground or open-pit ore handling and filling operations in tin mines, coal mines and other mines. It is usually used for horizontal lifting, and sometimes it can also be used for lifting on slopes with small inclination, but it cannot be used as lifting equipment.

How Much Do You Know About Scraper Winch

2、 What is the structure of scraper winch?

The structural well of scraper winch is not complicated, mainly including reducer, main drum, auxiliary drum, control device, steel rope guide device and motor. These parts are installed inside and outside the shell respectively. The shell is a component with good rigidity, which not only protects and supports, but also bears all loads. It is fixed on two slides connected with the foundation by bolts.

The scraper winch mainly includes two types of double and three simple winch. The double winch has a main winch (installed on the right side, that is, the side close to the motor) and a auxiliary winch (installed on the left side). The three-barrel printing machine has one main drum (installed in the middle) and two auxiliary reels (installed on the left and right). The three-drum printing machine can also be equipped with two main drums (installed on the right and middle) and one auxiliary drum (installed on the left). Each drum has a corresponding control device and a steel rope guide device.

How Much Do You Know About Scraper Winch

3、How scraper winch works?

In the application of mining, scraper winch is a commonly used machine, which is mainly composed of three main parts: grade car, scraper bucket and pulley. Its working principle is as follows:

When the scraper winch works, when all internal gears are not locked after the motor is started, all internal gears rotate and the drum will not move under the action of the steel rope and the scraper; If one of the internal gears of the scraper winch is locked by the control device, its corresponding drum will rotate and wind the rope, and it will also drive the scraper to move; At this time, the other gear of the raking machine is not locked, and its reels are driven to rotate and release the steel rope under the active action of the steel rope. The scraper bucket on the scraper winch can do reciprocating movement for harrowing.