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What Is The Price Of The Cement Mixer 750

Cement mixer 750? There are many kinds of type concrete mixer, forced concrete mixer, concrete mixer drum, etc., among them, JS750 concrete mixer is widely used by customers for agitator type, capacity per hour is 35, concrete mixing quality, use single also can completely meet the needs of small concrete construction.

JS750 cement mixer contains multi-kilowatt mixing motor, 7.5 kilowatt winding motor, 1.1 kilowatt pump motor, the total power of about 40 kilowatt, JS750 cement mixer per hour consumption of about 40 degrees. Note: this power consumption for my factory JS750 cement mixer power consumption, does not represent the opinion of the peer, the customer needs to make a clear comparison and then decide to buy the manufacturer of 750 cement mixer.

What's the price of cement mixer 750? The rapid development of concrete mixing equipment leads to a complicated market for concrete mixing equipment without a standardized pricing mechanism, resulting in a customer consulting several manufacturers and getting a full range of quotations. Some customers think JS750 cement mixer price is low I buy, take advantage of the heart can understand, but you should remember not all JS750 cement mixer manufacturers produce 750 cement mixer price is ridiculous, like not all milk is called Deluxe(A milk brand in China).

Some small manufacturers, for their own interests, inferior products to quality, and then at fantastic prices to sell, some friends who do not know the truth because of their low prices, thus in the fraud of these manufacturers. We must pay attention to, the price is not necessarily good, the price is low, how about its after-sales service? Is the product for sale refurbished? Do you help with site installation? These should be we buy JS750 cement mixer is should consider. Additional, JS750 cement agitator is different according to its configuration, the price is to have certain difference.

Therefore, before buying, customers must go to cement mixer manufacturers to see the production workshop, observe its production capacity. Some small manufacturers, itself does not have the ability to produce 0.75m3 strong pattern cement mixer, can only transfer from other manufacturers of goods, and then extract the middle cost, which makes customers virtually lost part of interests, and as a result of these small vendors don't have the ability to produce high-power cement mixer, in the late stage of machine maintenance process, also will be a very troublesome problem.

Js750 cement mixer belongs to double horizontal shaft reinforced concrete mixer series, with theoretical capacity of 35m³ per hour; /h concrete, the actual output is about 30 square meters of concrete, each output 0.75 square meters of concrete, can be used alone, can also be combined with pld1200 batching machine to form the hzs35 concrete mixing plant.