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Advantages Of Wet Mixing Guniting Machine

1. Greatly reduce the dust concentration near the nozzle and in the external machine, and eliminate the health hazards to workers.

2. High productivity. The dry concrete spraying amount shall not exceed 5m3/h generally. Use wet mixing sprayer when manual operation reaches 10m3/h; When the robot is used for operation, the maximum flow rate is 20m3/h.

3. Low resilience. The rebound rate of dry sprayed concrete is as high as 15% - 50%. Wet spraying technology. The spring stiffness can be reduced to 10% or less.

4. For wet spraying, because the water cement ratio is easy to control and the concrete height is not high, it can greatly improve the quality of the nozzle and improve the uniformity of the concrete. For dry spraying, the water cement ratio of the concrete can be adjusted according to experience and survey results. The quality of the concrete depends to a large extent on whether the right hand operated machine is used.