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Maintenance Of Small Concrete Mixer

135 Date: 2020-07-30 Tag: small concrete mixer concrete mixer Maintenance
In order to ensure the mixing quality of concrete, it is required to mix evenly, with short mixing time, fast discharge, less residue, less energy consumption and less pollution. The main factors affecting the mixing quality of small concrete mixers are: the structure of the mixer, the ratio of the filling volume of the mixer to the geometric volume of the mixer, the filling process and filling position of the mixer, the arrangement and arrangement of the mixing blades, the mixing speed and the blade liner Wear, etc.

Maintenance of small concrete mixer:

1. Keep your body clean, remove dust and obstacles on your body.

2. Check the oil, circuits and control equipment at each lubrication point, and add lubricating oil as required.

3. Before each gear shift, add water to the mixing tank and run for 1-2 minutes, and check the reliability of the clutch and brake device.

4. During the operation of the concrete mixer, it is necessary to check whether the noise of the motor, reducer and transmission gear is normal, and whether the temperature rise is too high.

5. After each shift, the concrete mixer should be cleaned carefully.

Maintenance Of Small Concrete Mixer