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Precautions For Operation Of Scraper Winch

After the empty scraper winch starts working normally, please start it slowly. Raise the two brake levers with both hands, transmission and air mode. After sending the signal, when there is no one on the railroad and there is no debris, you can start raking. It is strictly forbidden to rake large pieces, metal objects, explosives, etc. into a rake.

Before pulling the scraper winch, loosen the brake lever on the side of the engine, and then press the brake lever on the side next to the engine. Rake bucket reverse travel is opposite to forward travel. Regardless of pulling forward or backward, it is strictly forbidden to press the two brake levers at the same time, otherwise it will damage the pulley bracket, pulley and cable.

When the electric scraper winch is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to enter the winch and work on the winch head. If the emergency braking signal is heard or seen while the winch is running, the brake should be released and stopped immediately.

As a rule, the degree of harrowing of the ore should not exceed 300 mm. If the degree of raking of the ore exceeds 300 mm, it should be processed before raking. If the resistance of the rake is high, the rake bucket can be reinforced by 1-2 m and then raked. It doesn't have to be in the cravings. If the strip is too large or the rake is uneven, large pieces should be broken or the rake should be cut. It is strictly forbidden to crush a large stem with a scraper.

During operation, please tighten the handbrake cable at the same time. Do not apply both hand brakes at the same time to avoid accidents.

When placing the wire rope, put the wire rope on the drum at least three times, and it is strictly forbidden to lay all wire ropes completely.

While working, pay attention to whether the sound of the winch is abnormal and prohibit overloading.

If the scraper winch cable breaks or the pulley is crushed during operation, when the cable or pulley needs to be replaced, first turn off the power interlock switch, and then hang the words “someone is working”. 

Precautions For Operation Of Scraper Winch