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What Are The Control Requirements For Concrete Mixers

As for the working principle of the concrete mixer, we can understand the previous article. The concrete mixer is divided into four parts: gravel feed, powder (cement, fly ash, expansion agent, etc.) feed, water and admixture. Feeding, transferring, mixing and storage. The operating principle is started by powering on the concrete mixer control system, and the concrete enters the mixing truck that has been charged. Do you know? These need to be controlled. The operation of the concrete mixer has its own control requirements.

Concrete mixer control requirements: Each cylinder, control valve and motor operates in accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixing process. The control of each cylinder, control valve and motor must be accurate, stable and reliable. The control system has two types of operations: automatic and manual. The connection is independent and mutually restrictive. The system has good anti-interference ability and perfect alarm self-maintenance function. After communicating with the computer, it can show the system operation status and fault alarm.

When a concrete mixer is operated well, it is not only necessary to clarify its principle, but also to understand its control requirements. Strictly following the control requirements will certainly achieve better results.