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Warmly Welcome Economic Information Committee and Jining High-tech Zone Leaders Visit to China Coal Group

On the afternoon of February 7, Jining Commission of Economy and Information Technology researcher Wang Youbing, The Section of Software and Information Service of Jining Commission of Economy and Information Technology Chief Hu Jianguo, Municipal Commission of Information Technology Promotion Section Deputy Chief Wang Liang, High-tech Zone Economic Development Bureau Deputy Director Wang Jin, Jining Information Industry Park Management Committee Manager, High-tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Information Industry Minister Tian Yu were together with other leaders to visit China Coal Group after attending Jining Hi-tech Zone General Assembly for Promoting "Business Cloud". This visit aimed at carrying on field research on the progress of “6501” project . China Coal Group Chairman and General Manager Qu QING, Executive Deputy General Manger Han Yong, Li Zhenbo, Deputy General Manager Guan Chenghui and Li Zhaopeng accompanied by the reception.

At the meeting, Director Wang highlighted that “Business Cloud” plays a significant role in lowing down the cost of constructing enterprise information and speeding up the transformation between fresh and old kinetic energy. China Coal Group, as Jining 6501 key cultivating enterprise, n the city's electronic information industry and the integration of the two outstanding achievements in the field of modernization is the benchmark for the transformation of traditional enterprises and role models, the next step in the hope that the Coal Industry Group to effectively play a benchmarking effect of large enterprises and demonstration effect, make full use of the government issued to key enterprises, "Cloud Service coupons ", the implementation of financial grants a good opportunity to speed up the application of enterprise information technology, fully implement the" 6501 "training project, through the development of advanced manufacturing, promote the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, the depth of integration for the city , The province's old and new kinetic energy conversion make its due contribution!

In recent years, China Coal Group actively responded to the national policy, accelerated the development of intelligent terminal industry, and actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The China Coal Smart Robot Industrial Park was set up with investment to develop high-end intelligent products suitable for China through the introduction of foreign robot advanced technology concepts , Has successfully developed a variety of high-end smart products such as industrial intelligent robots, restaurant service robots, intelligent home robots, entertainment robots, fire fighting robots, high-tech unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing equipment and intelligent security equipment. Shandong smart terminal industry's rapid development!

At the same time, our group adhered to the development strategy of "manufacturing and Internet convergence", vigorously developed industrial supply chain e-commerce, successfully transformed from the traditional sales model into a modern e-commerce sales model, and became the nation's successful transformation of traditional enterprises through the e-commerce information industry Industry model, walk in the forefront of the development of the national information industry, has been named the Ministry of Industry e-commerce integrated innovation model enterprise, the 2016 China two fusion innovation practice award, Shandong Province, two fusion management system standardization pilot enterprises, Shandong Electronics Business model enterprises, outstanding e-commerce enterprises in Shandong Province, Jining City, focusing on cultivating the integration of two cultures and other enterprises, to promote the national integration of information technology and industrialization have made outstanding contributions!

Canal always expressed his thanks to Director Wang and all the leaders for their long-term support and love for the development of China Coal Group. China Coal Group will certainly live up to the expectations of all the leaders and take full advantage of the various policy bonuses of "Business Up the Cloud" Opportunities, speed up the progress of "6501" project, increase the "enterprise cloud" information input, accelerate the application of information technology group level, for the province's industrial economy leapfrog development to make more contributions!