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Safety Operation Procedures For Cement Mixer

347 Date: 2022-11-21 Tag: Cement Mixer Cement Mixers

1. Safety helmets and personal protective equipment must be properly worn when entering the construction site. It is strictly prohibited to enter the site after drinking.

2. The cement mixer operator must hold the certificate and stick to the post. The auxiliary production personnel shall obey the work arrangement of the pile driver operator. It is strictly prohibited to start the pile driver equipment without authorization.

3. The construction shall be carried out according to the construction plan. The site roads shall be flat, solid and unblocked. The intersection points and dangerous areas shall be set with obvious signs.

4. The cement mixer operator shall understand the structure, performance, operating procedures, maintenance and troubleshooting of the machine.

5. The power supply of electrical equipment shall be erected and installed in accordance with the relevant provisions of Technical Code for Safety of Temporary Electrification on Construction Site (JGJ 46-2005). All electrical equipment must have good grounding and neutral connection, and the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 Ω, and reliable leakage protection device shall be installed. It is strictly prohibited to place non fixed point assembly facilities and sundries in the distribution box and starting cabinet. It is forbidden to pull or connect wires without permission.

6. Prior to the displacement of the cement mixer, the temporary power lines, grouting pipes and other facilities shall be removed first. Collision and rolling of temporary power lines and grouting pipes are strictly prohibited.

7. The cement mixer must be commanded and monitored during the transfer to prevent dumping and personal injury.

8. When working on the working face with poor geological conditions, it is necessary to ensure that it is parked and the working foundation is stable, so as to prevent injury accidents caused by sudden changes in the sub base during drilling operations.

9. The electric, control and braking mechanisms of the pile driver shall be intact and effective, and the protective covers of the transmission mechanism must be complete. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with faults.

10. Effective isolation devices must be set around the cement mixer system, and protective railings or reinforcement gratings should be set around the cement slurry mixing tank to prevent personnel from being injured by mistake.