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Detailed Description Of Operation Skills Of Diesel Engine Crane

1. Diesel engine crane drivers shall be specially trained, and shall not be allowed to work until they pass the examination of relevant departments and are issued with a certificate. Personnel without a certificate are strictly prohibited from operating lifting equipment.

2. Before lifting operation, the crane driver must check whether all devices are normal, whether the steel cable complies with the safety regulations, whether the setter, hydraulic device and safety device are complete, reliable and sensitive, and it is strictly prohibited to operate all working parts of the crane with faults. The crane is partially powered off in the substation, and the crane shell must be reliably grounded. When the crane is parked or running, the front or outside of the wheel, outrigger and the ditch The distance from the pit edge shall not be less than 1.2 times of the depth of the ditch and pit; Otherwise, anti tipping and anti collapse measures must be taken.

3. When lifting heavy objects, lift the objects about 10cm above the ground, check the stability of the crane and whether the brake is flexible and effective, and continue to work after confirming that it is normal

4. The driver of diesel engine crane must closely cooperate with the commander and obey the signal command of the commander. The horn must be sounded before operation. If the command signal is found unclear or wrong, the driver has the right to refuse to execute; During work, the driver must immediately obey the emergency stop signal sent by anyone,

5. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the object, to lift the object above the person's top, and to stand and pass under the object.