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Please Keep The Following Things In Mind When Driving Cement Mixer In Rainy Weather

1. Avoid skidding when driving
In heavy rain, the road surface is wet and slippery, the friction coefficient between the truck tires and the road surface is reduced, and the braking distance is relatively long, which makes it easy to slip during driving; when the vehicle starts to slip, do not slam the brakes or slam the direction to avoid Sideslip occurs; card friends should keep straight and drive at a low speed on rainy days. When turning, they should step on the brakes slowly to prevent the tires from locking and causing the vehicle to side slip.

2. Pay attention to the stagnant water section to prevent traffic jams
The depth of the pavement is unfathomable in rainstorms. Pay more attention to road sections with a lot of pavement. Keep driving at a low speed. Don't stop, change gears or make a sharp turn to avoid heavy throttle or rushing.

3. Keep the distance between cars and don't overtake cars on rainy days
When driving on rainy days, the word should be steady. The driver of the cement mixer should keep a certain distance from the vehicle in front when driving. Do not drive too fast. Always pay attention to the speed and direction of the vehicle in front to prevent rear-end collisions. When driving on a rainy day, due to the unclear vision, it is necessary to avoid acceleration and overtaking. It is too late when accidents such as a rollover occur.

4. Ensure a good view and adjust the wiper appropriately
The heavy rain has seriously affected the vision of the card friends. The fog generated by the front glass obscures the vision. The wiper should be opened in time, and the speed of the wiper should be adjusted appropriately according to the amount of rain to ensure a wide field of vision; in addition, the rearview mirror is easy to be stained with rain, so you should Clean and wipe in time.

5. When driving on rainy days, you need to use the lights carefully and correctly
The driver of cement mixer should use the lights correctly in rainy weather. In case of heavy rain, the low beam and position lights should be turned on. When the visibility is too heavy and foggy, the fog lights should be turned on. Double flashing should only be used when parking or emergency When braking, to remind the following car to use.

6. Pay attention to crowds and avoid collisions
When driving a cement mixer in a rainstorm, pay attention to pedestrians coming and going. Pedestrians hold umbrellas on rainy days. Cyclists wear ponchos. The sight, hearing, and reaction are somewhat affected. In addition, there are frequent pedestrians running red lights. Card friends should Slow down to avoid accidents.

7. Don't travel under heavy storms

8. Pay attention to landslides and drive carefully after long-term rain