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How To Use The Cement Mixer Correctly?

104 Date: 2021-08-10 Tag: Cement Mixer Cement Mixer Of Precautions

cement mixer are widely used and loved by everyone, but many users don't know how to use them after buying cement mixer. If they start running cement mixer like this, failures or accidents may occur. The following small series summarizes the precautions for the use of new cement mixer for your reference.

Precautions for novice use of cement mixer:

1. Put the control handle of the cement mixer drum at the "stop" position before starting the cement mixe.

2. After starting, let the cement mixer drum rotate at low speed for about ten minutes, and then start the operation when the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises to more than 20 ℃.

3. After the cement mixe is used up, if it is parked in the open air, turn the mixing drum back.

4. When transporting concrete in the cement mixe, be sure to confirm the firmness of the sliding bucket, and it shall not be too full, and the residence time shall not exceed a certain length of time.

5. After discharging, wash with water immediately to clean the residual concrete.

6. After work and when it is not in use, the cement mixe shall be switched off and the switch box shall be locked to ensure safety.

7. In winter, add antifreeze to protect the cement mixe, install insulation sleeve, and pay attention to the fuel grade.

How To Use The Cement Mixer Correctly?