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Do You Know What Are The Main Components Of The Scraper Winch?

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With the continuous innovation of technology, the transportation equipment in the mining industry is becoming more and more perfect. The scraper winch is mainly used for metal ore, coal mines and other mines or open-pit ore transportation and filling operations. It is mainly used for horizontal rake transportation, and can also be used for inclined slope rake transportation with a small inclination. It cannot be used as a lifting device. The driver can be used for operation next to the winch, or it can be operated at a distance of tens of meters from the winch with a button. The double drum design is used to complete the loading and handling of coal, gangue, ore and other goods through the two-way operation of the rake bucket.

The main components of the scraper winch

What Are The Main Components Of The Scraper Winch?

The scraper winch has a deceleration device, main reel, auxiliary reel, control device, steel wire guide device and electric motor. These parts are installed inside and outside of the shell. The shell is a part with good rigidity, which not only protects and supports but also bears all the loads. It is bolted to two slideways connected to the foundation. The double-drum winch has a main reel (installed on the right side, that is, the side close to the motor), and a secondary reel (installed on the left). The three-tube winch has a main reel (installed in the middle) and two auxiliary reels (installed on the left and right). The three-tube winch can also be equipped with two main reels (installed on the right and middle), and an auxiliary reel (installed on the left). Each reel has a corresponding operating device and a steel rope guide.