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Steps To Check The Scraper Winch

845 Date: 2021-01-05 Tag: Scraper Winch winch

The materials used should be accompanied by a quality guarantee, and if necessary, they should be tested or identified, and they can be used after they pass. All parts and components should be tested and qualified. Outsourcing parts and outsourcing parts should have a pass certificate, and the parts are safe. The products controlled by the symbol must have the safety symbol certificate of the coal mine product used within the validity period.If necessary, they are being checked according to the relative criteria, and they can be installed after passing the acceptance.

Castings should be free of fluffy, porosity, sand holes, cracks, etc. The forged parts should be free of cracks, interlayers, oxide layers, folds, scars, etc. The welds of welded parts should not have cracks, slag inclusions , Interruption, coal penetration, etc. The design of sharp edges, sharp corners and protruding departments should be suitable for the conditions of GB / T2.

The reel should not have the lack of lowering mechanical functions and utilization functions. The machine base should have sufficient rigidity to withstand frequent starting and braking. The cleanliness of the delay device should be suitable for the principles of Table 1. The applied force of the application rod should not be Beyond 150N. In order to facilitate the winch to go down the well and transport along the roadway, its components should be able to be disassembled and handled. The scraper winch should be able to complete manual application or remote application.

The main components of the scraper winch should be easy to install, destroy, and repair. The structure of the scraper winch should be able to comply with the self-moving conditions of the horizontal, inclined roadway and stope. The noise of the scraper winch during dry operation should be suitable for the principles of Table 2.

Safety protection. Exposed slewing parts of the scraper winch (except the reel and brake) should have a protective device. The wire rope head does not remain on the reel, there should be a special rope device, the rope hole does not have a sharp edge, the wire rope The meander does not turn into an acute angle. The control position should have excellent visibility and ensure that it does not constitute a danger to employees. The application handle should use insulating materials.

The circuit voltage (alternating current) of the long-distance application device should not exceed 36V. The winch should be equipped with a master stop switch to prohibit the dangerous danger caused by emergencies. The brake shoe does not allow cracking, blistering, and splitting of the use function Layers are lacking.

The conflict function of the brake shoe for flameproof winch. During the conflict practice, no signs of flame ignition and flameless ignition should occur, and no explosion should be caused in the closed flameproof box. During the conflict practice, test pieces and practice The surface temperature of the disc should not exceed 150 ° C.