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How Much Do You Know About The Safety Hazards In Winch Operations

517 Date: 2023-01-06 Tag: Mining Winch Winch Mine winch

The mining winch is a small winch we often say. It has the characteristics of quick and convenient, and is favored by the majority of enterprises. This time brings you a safety hazard during the work process and hopes to improve your company's safe production.

Mine winch use range

Mining winches are mainly used for towing coal mines and other auxiliary treatment work, coal mines and other mines with roads inclined at an angle of less than 30 degrees. The electric motor supplies the drum torque through the reducer, the wire rope is wound with the reel, and the brake device controls the operation and stops to meet the scheduling and processing purposes.

The most common accident in the mining of inclined winch of mining winches is that the wire rope breaks the sports car accident, or the personnel stand on the wire rope traction mine car transport track, the danger zone, the collision or the sports car intervention and the wire rope is damaged.

Mine winch transport unsafe behavior:

1. In order to save energy, jumping illegal trucks in transportation can cause rolling or falling from the mine and dragging and rubbing.

Hook workers should promptly stop such violations and immediately send stop and stop signals to mining winch drivers.

2. Overload mining winch overload. The winch must be familiar with the performance of the winch, especially the maximum static tension of the elevator, and estimate the tension generated by the various vehicles entering the rope track.

In particular, for materials that are not frequently pulled, they must not be blindly contacted. They must be clear to managers and take a cautious approach. If the overloaded material is overloaded, it may result in insufficient braking torque, resulting in a broken rope or a sports car accident.

3. Unauthorized personnel operate the mining winch.

Since the driver of the mining winch on duty was unable to go to work after shifts or other reasons, the team leader arranged the work to be inconspicuous and the driver of the vehicle was not arranged in the transportation operation. Therefore, such violations may occur during underground transportation operations, and unauthorized persons may illegally start the winch.

Such violations can have serious consequences. Unauthorized personnel are not familiar with the performance of the winch. In an emergency, they cannot handle it correctly. If the inclined lane transportation operation site is in a hidden danger state, an accident is likely to occur.

4. When the sloping lane is disembarked, the top stopper of the ramp is not closed.

After the last shift of the workers in the inclined row, the crane was asked to close the top of the road, and some sloppy workers often did not pay attention to the details of the work and did not create a reliable hardware transfer for the next one. The entire working environment, no closed car stops.