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What Is Prop-Pulling Winch

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Prop-pulling winch, also known as slow winch, is used for prop topping in underground coal mining face. Because of its low height and light weight, it is especially suitable for thin coal seams and steeply inclined coal mining faces, as well as various mining faces to recover metal props sunk into the floor or buried by gangue. With the improvement of mechanized coal mining, it is more and more widely used in mechanized coal mining face, as the installation, recovery and traction of various equipment and spare parts.

JH-8, JM-14, JM-28 are commonly used in mine. The jh-8 has a traction of 80KN, or about 8 tons. The jm-14 has a traction of 140KN, or about 14 tons. JM-28 column return machine is equipped with variable speed mechanism, rope speed is 10 m/min, 22 m/t respectively, has 280KN, 110KN two kinds of traction.

Type of prop-pulling winch: jh-5, jh-8, jh-14, jh-20, jh-30, jsdb-13 (two-speed pillar winch), jsdb-19 price is around 80,000-80000.

Prop-pulling winch: motor, coupling, turbine box, drum, base and other five parts.

Components of 1 JM-8 type prop-pulling winch

Jh-8 type prop-pulling winch consists of motor, elastic coupling, gear clutch, worm gear reducer, drum, base and other components.

Components of 2 JM-14 type prop-pulling winch

JM-14 winch by motor, worm gear reducer, transmission gear, drum device, base and other components.

3 JM-28 type prop-pulling winch components

JM-28 winch by motor, coupling, hydraulic push rod brake, reducer, drum device, base and other components.

Structural features of prop-pulling winch

1. Planetary gear reducer, compact structure, high transmission efficiency;

2. Hydraulic push rod brake is adopted to ensure safe and reliable working braking;

3, with variable speed mechanism, can change the traction speed and traction force.

Working principle of the prop-pulling winch: the motor is installed on the base and connected with the turbine reduction gear through the coupling, and the power is driven to the arc-surface vortex rod and turbine through a pair of gears. The drum is driven by the pinion on the turbine shaft through the large gear driven by the intermediate bridge gear, and the steel wire rope is rolled for work.

Advantages of prop-pulling winch:

1. The winch is single drum winding, driven by turbine reducer and open gear.

2, the winch symmetrical arrangement, long strip, the top post (fixed) position is spacious, easy to move and fixed winch.

3, the width and height of the winch size is small, suitable for underground use.

4, the winch USES spherical worm rotation, smooth operation, safe and reliable.

5, winch structure is simple, easy to maintain, easy to operate, as long as the open and close button switch.

6, winch motor and electrical equipment with explosion-proof performance, can be used to contain methane and coal dust and surrounding temperature does not exceed 35℃ in the mine.